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New Braunfels Counseling Center, our counseling services target Depression, Anxiety, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Anger Management, Abuse Issues, Grief and Loss, Low Self-Esteem, Stress Management, Relationship Difficulties, Academic and or Behavior problems at School, Aggression, Frequent Fighting, Irritability, Low Frustration Tolerance.

The counselors provide a safe and supportive environment for individuals and families to discuss their innermost conflicts, concerns and feelings. Together, everyone involved will work to identify and enhance strengths and achieve goals to resolve problems. Ultimately, everyone will work to attain more adaptive and healthy patterns of living.

Why Choose Us?

We realize that you have a wide range of choices available to you and that seeking counseling can be a difficult decision within itself. Therefore, you will discuss the needs and special circumstances of the individual or family with the therapist when planning treatment and setting goals. The therapy technique chosen will be specifically tailored to meet the situation and needs of the individual(s) involved.


Can’t say much about the office staff because they’re gone by the time we get there so I don’t really know them, but I can say I would recommend Gary to anyone anytime. He’s amazing.

Kristen F.

A welcoming environment with consummate professionals who are knowledgeable, empathetic, and committed to their clients. I’ve had the privilege of seeing two counselors here over the past few years and they were (and are!) both phenomenal. The front desk staff is always kind, helpful, thorough, and efficient! My experiences here have been crucial to my overall well-being and the evolution of my mental health.

Seth R.

Amazing experience with Darla! She made me feel so comfortable and helped me overcome my anxiety/depression. Office environment is welcoming and professional. Highly recommend!

Emily R.

A great place to come seek the assistance you are needing in a great environment. The counselors and staff are all wonderful!!

M W.

This office is such an amazing group of people! From the smiles when I walk in, to the kind and loving therapists, to the management helping me with my questions and then the owner Darla! She has been such a sweetheart to me! Such a great group of loving souls! I refer them everyone I know because they have such a variety of therapists that specialize in all kinds of behavioral health issues and take all of our insurances! I am so blessed that my family and friends go here and get the help that we need! I can’t thank you guys enough for everything you do for all of us! Thank you so much again!!

Ava G.

Very calm atmosphere – the entire appointment from the front desk through the therapy session.

Desi G.

All the people working in counseling center , they are amazing , they help me and my daughter so much . I recommend this place 💯 %


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